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As a craftsman piano tuner and technician, I consider every day and every job a new challenge, and I will always provide the required service to the best of my ability so that you’re happy when I’ve concluded my work. If you have questions, you can depend on me to take the time to explain each aspect of the job carefully, and you can always call me for advice.

Common Adjustments to Your Piano


The art of aligning the tension of the strings to each other to create the most pleasing sound at the proper pitch. Pianos go out of tune chiefly through humidity swings in your home (summer to winter).

Action and Key Regulating:

Repositioning all of the moving parts (thousands) back to their factory settings. This allows the piano to play as well as it possibly can. The ease with which you can play delicately, quickly and evenly, dissipates year after year due to the compression of the felts. If you have not had this procedure done on your piano in the last 10 years, you are probably a better player than you think.

Voicing (Tone Regulating):

The tone of your piano is largely dependent on the density of the felt on the hammers. The hammers naturally harden up on their own. When the hammer repeatedly strikes the strings, this process is sped up and your piano becomes brighter and brighter. It is important to know that the tone of your piano can be adjusted to your taste simply by altering the density of the felt in your hammers.


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